Grate evenly and effortlessly with Sham graters

No task is too big or small for these sturdy stainless steel 4-sided and 6-sided graters.

Made of durable 18/10 stainless steel and solidly constructed, with rigid sides and a base that won’t easily slide out from under you, Sham graters will provide all the flakes, shreds, and shards you’ll ever need.

It would be difficult to find a grater with more adaptability than a grater from Sham collection. We wanted to make sure that no matter what you're cooking, that we have you sorted and that is why each side features a different grating surface. Shredding options include an extra-fine grater for foods such as parmesan cheese, nutmeg and ginger; a fine grater for hard cheeses and cinnamon; a medium grater for soft cheeses, smaller vegetables and chocolate and a coarse grater for larger cheeses and vegetables. It also features all-purpose and julienne slicers.

Everything we do at Resto is done in a way that promotes practicality, comfort and ultimately is geared towards you living your best life and reaping the rewards of your hard work.

4-sided grater 6-sided grater