The novelty of the season: a Capella series

While there is a current trend for rejecting overconsumption, details and accentual objects still play a major role in everyday life, whether they involve architecture or the interior.

One bright accent that can liven up your kitchen is the Capella series of Resto Kitchenware dishes. In a stylish contrasting swirl of cold graphite and warm wood, the memorable, innovative graphic design of this cookware will enliven any kitchen while creating an atmosphere of ease and comfort while cooking.

As you can expect from any Capella product, this line is made of only the highest quality modern materials. Cast aluminum in conjunction with PFLUON non-stick coating grants the dishes a light durability and makes it dishwasher safe, while the inner layer can withstand over 25,000 cooking cycles! The walls and bottom of the dishes are thick, contributing to uniform heating which, in turn, allows you ultimate control over gentle heat treatment modes.

This range of products consists of three frying pans that match the diameters of highest demand (24, 26, and 28 cm), while three lidded pots crafted with heat-resistant glass are available in volumes of 3.0, 5.3, and 7.9 liters and are accompanied by a saucepan and a shallow pot. Each unit possesses an anti-deformation disc which guarantees to provide optimum protection to your dishes to ensure there are no shape alterations in the event of overheating or sudden cooling.

With this incredible line of products, Capella will become the ultimate inspiration for your cooking dreams.

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