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5519 Duffle cooler bag, 19L

EAN 4260709011035
Dirt-resistant and water-repellent outside fabric
Leakproof lining
A spacious main compartment with dual zipper pulls provides enough capacity to pack snacks and drinks for the day
Healthy food insulation: keeps it fresh so you could enjoy your meals for picnic or travel
Comfortable padded handles and a removable adjustable strap
Side pocket
  • Product Weight:
    0.635 kg
  • Dimensions:
    220x220x400 mm
  • Volume:
    19 Liter
  • Outer surface material:
  • Interior coating:

100% leakproof lining

There are few things worse than getting to the end of your car journey only to find out that your cooler bag has leaked some, or all, of the contents onto the carpet of your car. This is the kind of thing that can lead to a permanent bad odor in your vehicle for weeks to come. Luckily, with this Felis bag these kinds of unfortunate eventualities will be prevented as the bag is 100% leakproof in its lining meaning that both your car and your clothes will be free from getting splashed by any of those unintended spillages.

Spacious main compartment

When packing for a picnic, you want to make sure you've covered all bases. You need to make sure you've got all the various kinds of foods to cover all your guests tastes, dietary requirements and contingencies for allergies. Not only this but you also want to leave enough room for a selection of drinks and perhaps even some ice if you're not going too far. That is why this Felis bag has a spacious main compartment with dual zipper pulls to provide enough capacity to pack snacks and drinks for all your group. And a full-length U-shaped opening makes for easy access to find what you need.

Dirt-resistant and water-repellent

Obviously when out and about with your cooler bag you have to contend with the elements. You never know what the skies above you will bring, and nor do you know the exact kind of environment you are going to be placing your bag down in. To deal with the kind of eventualities that you will have to face, this bag comes with its own dirt-resistant fabric so that you are not constantly having to scrub the outside of the bag to make it presentable. It also has a water-repellent nature to it so that your bag will not become weighed down by moisture and make for a tedious journey back home.

Healthy food insulation

We all know the issue of mixing different foods with other ones. Especially, things like fruit tend not to do so well when put together with other items. That is why we have been careful to create a lunch bag which provides a healthy food insulation to keep those kinds of things fresh, so that you can enjoy your meals for school, work, picnic or travel. No matter which one of those activities you happen to be engaging you in, you know that when you take the food out of your bag, it will be as delicious as it would have been if it was taken right from your fridge.

Side pocket

Life becomes easier if we compartmentalize. When we have things all jumbled together, then this only leads to confusion and to a wasting of time as you try to sort through things. We have kept this in mind when designing this Felis bag and made sure that it comes with its own side pocket so that you can slip away things like your favorite book or cutlery so that they do not end up at the bottom of your bag and causing a mess in your neatly prepared meals. So head off fully prepared and organized for your picnic ahead, compartmentalized and ready to go.

Comfortable soft handle

There is no doubt that a picnic bag, of any variety, can be a heavy item. Just think of the kinds of things you have to carry in there: Stacks full of drinks and ice, heavy fruits and cutlery... The list goes on and on. And there is no assurance that you are going to be able to find your spot on the beach or in the park right away. You might be walking for a fair old while till you reach that perfect bit of sand or grass, or that secluded place in the forest to open up your goodies. That is why we have made sure this bag has a comfortable, soft handle. Trust us, your hands and arms will be thanking you by the time you get there!

Dual zipper pulls

We at Resto Kitchenware are deeply concerned with making sure that every one of our items is as functional as possible. Although all the things we design have a sleekness about them and an aesthetic quality that makes them pleasing to almost any eye, we are also keen to ensure that all the things we create function in the best possible way. One small example of this with this Felis bag are the dual zipper pulls that are provided, making for a more robust zip system that you can both open and close your bag with in the most optimal speed, and way possible.

Comfortable carrying

This cooler bag comes with comfortable padded handles to make sure that even on the longest journey your hands are kept in comfort and ease. And to make this even more so the case, we have made sure this Felis bag comes with a Velcro fixation so that you can keep the handles enclosed together, making your grip even more firm. This bag also has its own removable and adjustable shoulder strap so that no matter what size you are and no matter if you are needing to keep an extra hand free for another bag or a child, you can adjust it to your size, slip it over the shoulder and be on your way.

Felis cooler bags

As all of our summers become hotter and hotter year upon year, it has never been so crucial to make sure that your food and drink is preserved in cool conditions when out for a picnic or day trip. Fortunately, our Felis collection offers you a stylish, versatile and capacious duffle cooler bag and lunch cooler bag of varying sizes that are ideal for the daily routine, long-distance travel, picnics and more adventurous activities. With this range, you will arrive with your items perfectly cooled and ready to eat and drink.
So do not worry about the temperature outside or how long you might have to travel to get to your destination, your Felis bag has you in good hands and will lead to the perfect afternoons with perfectly preserved meals, time and time again.