93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm

Internal non-stick marble coating
Ergonomic forged stainless steel handle with a hanging loop
The bottom of the pan is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk
Induction (suitable for all types of cookers)
Product Weight: 0.9 kg
Dimensions: 60x260x460 mm
Board height:
Bottom thickness:
Body thickness:
Edge thickness:
Forged aluminium
Outer surface material:
Heat resistant 4 layers
Interior coating:
PFLUON 4 layers
Handle material:
Stainless steel
Inside coating colour:
Marble with silver dots
Outside coating colour:
Flameguard colour:
Matt black
Paper color sleeve
LFGB (Tuv lab)
Induction , Gas , Electric , VitroCeramic , Halogen , 100% PFOA FREE , Flame Proof , Dishwasher
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm
93026 Frypan ⌀24, h=5.5cm

Classic style and modern practicality

This collection is the perfect symbiosis between classic style and modern practicality. It has all of the smooth curves and classic elegance of a timeless kitchen set but it is also imbued with a series of characteristics that make it perfect for the modern cook that is interested in a great variety of complex dishes. These days we all want to be able to cook meals that originate from a vast variety of regions, from South-East Asia, to West Africa, to Central America and central France. That is why we have made sure every element has been taken care of to allow you that adaptability, all the while retaining the classic style we all love.

Reinforced marble non-stick coating

We here at Resto wanted to create a collection that both made for the optimal cooking experience but also kept the end result - your meals - as healthy and as tasty as possible. Because of this, the surface of this pan has been made using 4-layer Pfluon non-stick coating which is highly abrasion-resistant and requires little or no oil, perfect for healthy cooking and easy cleaning. The durable non-stick marble coating is PFOA-free.

External heat resistant coating

The last thing that is desirable is a pan that gets easily marked and which ends up with endless deposits after using it repeatedly. These unsightly deposits not only don't look great and are an absolute nightmare to remove, but they also can provide a negative effect on your health. With this Spica collection though the specially designed outer coating protects the surface from carbon deposits, facilitates maintenance and maintains its original appearance for a long time. So you can be safe in the knowledge you can use your pan day in day out without having to spend hours at the sink.

Ergonomic stainless steel handle

It is an awful revelation to make, when having bought a new pan and having begun using it, to find that its handle easily conducts heat. Not only is this an annoyance that can hinder your ability to cook with speed and precision, but it is also a massive safety risk that can lead to severe burns. With this Spica collection though, ergonomic, riveted stainless-steel handles will stay cool on the cooktop meaning that you can go about the preparation of your meal with a complete ease of mind and still be able to be as precise as you need to be.

Antideformation disk

Cheap and poorly made pans are what currently flood the market. They are the kind of things that might seem like they do the job for the first few cooks but which soon you begin to suspect are letting you down, and then before you know what's happened the pan has changed shape, become marked and scratched, or even worse parts of the pan detach. Unlike standard pans, the bottom of all Resto frypans is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk which makes their lifetime longer and guarantees resistance to deformation under heating.

Induction bottom

Cooking with an induction cookstove is very beneficial. It heats fast, is energy efficient and safe as well. These stoves require special pans with a magnetic bottom like this Spica one. The bottom of the pan is smooth and flat so electric currents can flow through the base of the pan and it is also fully compatible with any other kind of kitchen equipment and so also works on gas, electric, vitroceramic, and halogen cooktops. All this means that you are left with a very adaptable item that will prove both efficient with your time and with your energy bills.