95248 Frypan ⌀28, h=5.3cm

TRI-PLY (18/10 stainless steel + aluminum + 18/10 stainless steel)
Stainless steel stay cool handle
Energy saving 25%
Works on all heating surfaces including induction
Dishwasher safe
Oven-safe up to 220°С
Product Weight: 1.11 kg
Dimensions: 510x90x300 mm
Gift box
Handle material:
Stainless steel
Operating temperature up to:
Board height:
Lid Diameter:
Induction , Gas , Electric , VitroCeramic , Halogen , Oven Safe , Flame Proof , Dishwasher
95248 Frypan ⌀28, h=5.3cm
95248 Frypan ⌀28, h=5.3cm
95248 Frypan ⌀28, h=5.3cm
95248 Frypan ⌀28, h=5.3cm
95248 Frypan ⌀28, h=5.3cm
95248 Frypan ⌀28, h=5.3cm

Created by professionals for professionals

It is easy to see why stainless-steel frying pans are so popular. They give you that undeniable feeling of professionalism when using them. It’s easy when cooking with them to start to feel like one of your favorite chefs, and the confidence that that can give you can often lead to marked improvements in the end result. So, the style that they bring not only helps in making your kitchen look slicker, but also can make your food taste better!


TRI-PLY (18/10 stainless steel + aluminum + 18/10 stainless steel)

Starburst finishing on the pan's stainless-steel interior ensures stick resistance and never reacts with food. Stainless steel is the ideal cooking surface for browning, searing, and sautéing foods, as well as deglazing to make pan sauces. The full, heavy-gauge aluminum core extends across the bottom and up the sides of the pan for the best heat distribution. Induction stainless steel exterior is dishwasher and oven-safe and provides easy clean up.

Quick and even heating

Stainless steel frypans like these are perfect for a quick heating of your meal and so they are just what you need when frying meat and fish. But whatever it is you need to quickly whip up, this pan is sure to be your perfect little helper. It will make sure that all your dishes are crisp on the outside but at the same time keep all of the important juiciness on the inside.