93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm

Interior non-stick coating
Ergonomic soft touch handle with a hanging loop
The bottom is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk
Induction (Works on all heating surfaces)
Product Weight: 0.57 kg
Dimensions: 42x200x380 mm
Forged aluminium
Paper color sleeve
Induction disc diameter:
Interior coating:
PFLUON non-stick coating
Handle material:
Lid Diameter:
Board height:
Induction , Gas , Electric , VitroCeramic , Halogen , 100% PFOA FREE , Flame Proof , No Dishwasher
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm
93323 Frypan ⌀20, h=4.2cm

This frying pan is the result of high-quality design to produce ultimate functionality. It’s premium aluminum body will not only make a durable and reliable kitchen partner but will also ensure the healthy nutrition of the whole family.


Reinforced bottom with an induction disc

Because sometimes pans can get knocked about in the kitchen, we have ensured that all our pans come with reinforced bottoms. And not only is this pan built to last, it’s also built to function on every surface. These days so many hobs operate by induction and with its high thermal conductivity, this pan is suitable to perform highly on all types of stoves, including induction hobs. So, whatever your appliance at home, you can be certain that this pan will work for you.

Energy-saving cooking process

We at Resto take our environmental commitments very seriously. As such, we have designed the bottom of our pans with a unique multi-layer bottom structure so that only the minimum amount of energy is required, saving your planet and your gas bill! This technology will also ensure the uniform heating of the entire pan, meaning that your meal will taste good from beginning to end.

4-layer non-stick coating

This pan comes with a coating that will prevent your food sticking and scorching. It also contains no PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and has been created without zinc and without cadmium. This means that it can easily withstand heating up to 275 degrees Celsius and with its increased wear resistance, it is built to maintain its high performance over 20,000 abrasion cycles.

Ergonomic Soft-touch handle

The ergonomic handle with a special Soft-touch coating of this pan means that it will ensure the perfect cooking experience. Pans that permit any kind of transferal of heat to the handle are ultimately a hinderance and a danger. This pan handle though is made with a soft-touch handle so that your hands remain free from harm and your pan does not slip. This will give you the confidence and control you need to create your best dishes.

Easy to clean

The outer coating of the pan is easy to clean and preventative against burns and scorch marks. Any gas stove users especially will be keenly aware of the way in which your pristine pans can quickly become permanently marked. Fortunately, this pan’s outer coating solves this issue, and while the color may slightly change over time, fading or darkening depending on the color of coating, you can rest assured that your equipment will remain in good condition.