New Tri-Ply Woks: Perfect for Asian Cuisine, Built to Last

Recognizing the indispensable role of woks in any kitchen, we have expanded our Achird and Crater collections to include this versatile frying pan format. Designed with Tri-Ply construction, these woks feature three-layer walls and bottoms made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Keid Collection Welcomes New French Press Models for Coffee Lovers

In today's fast-paced world, a reliable French press is an essential tool for coffee enthusiasts who cherish the art of brewing the perfect cup. We're excited to introduce the latest additions to the Keid collection, offering a harmonious blend of design and performance.

Great selection of cooler bags for summer enthusiasts!

Picture this: you're soaking up the sunshine at your favorite picnic spot, the waves crashing gently in the background, and what's keeping your drinks refreshingly cool? Our top-notch cooler bags, of course!

Eco-friendly Sadr Collection: Your Sustainable Kitchen Essential

The Sadr collection offers stylish, eco-friendly cookware crafted from die-cast recyclable aluminum, ensuring exceptional surface finish, tensile strength, purity, and longevity, while also contributing to sustainability.

Fresh Additions to the Almaaz Lineup: Unveiling Two New Whistling Kettles

We are excited to announce the launch of two new additions to our Almaaz collection: the 90607 Whistling Kettle with a capacity of 2.7L and the 90608 Whistling Kettle with a capacity of 3.0L. These latest offerings combine elegance, functionality, and innovation to enhance the tea-making experience for tea enthusiasts worldwide.

New Addition to Sham Collection: Introducing Black Cutting Boards

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the newest addition to our Sham collection. The new cutting boards maintain the same dimensions as the existing three SKUs but come in a sleek and stylish black color.

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