Incredibly versatile Atlas multifunctional scissors 9-in-1

These days, most families have taken to using scissors in the kitchen daily. They provide an easy way to complete a plethora of tasks that would take a little longer with a knife or another implement that you’d rather not keep in the kitchen if at all possible.

Crater frypans are built to last

The Crater frying pan is modern and unique in style with a detailed textured outer surface and smooth, sleek interior without compromising the ultimate in performance.

Atlas knife sharpener

To have a kitchen knife sharp at all times, there are a number of requirements when it comes to designing the optimal knife sharpener. Luckily, this one from the Atlas collection makes sure it covers all of these.

Altair frypans - created by professionals for professionals

Altair stainless steel pans with TRI-PLY technology consist of three layers of modern, performance enhancing materials: 18/10 stainless steel + aluminum + 18/10 stainless steel.

Grater with container

These days more and more of us are using our graters for a wide variety of purposes. It is not just for the odd bit of cheddar going on your spaghetti bolognese that we pull the grater out the cupboard, nowadays many of us consistently use graters to mimic the high level of culinary skill that we see on our TV screens.

Carbon-steel bakeware from the Norma collection

We wanted with our Norma collection to design dishes for the modern age. No longer should you have to put up with flat, boring designs from the stone ages that haven't moved with the times.

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